In order to plan for the orderly development of a site, it is imperative to have wetland delineation performed prior to the initiation of the site planning effort.  Failure to take into account the wetland constraints of the site can lead to project delays, unrealized expectations, and costly redesign.  EAP, Inc. can provide wetland delineation services in a timely and cost effective manner to assist you in meeting your project goals.  


As part of the required information for an Environmental Resource Permit through the Regional Water Management District, wetland delineation is required for those sites that contain wetlands.  Even if no wetland impacts are proposed, the District will request this information during permit review.  In order to prevent delays in the permitting process, we suggest that this information be obtained during the early planning of a project, and be provided to the agency with the first permit submittal.


Several agencies reviewing proposed development plans provide methods of delineation of wetlands.  They include the Regional Water Management Districts, the Army Corps of Engineers, and a myriad of local government regulatory agencies.  Although the rules defining wetlands for all these agencies are similar, they may contain differences, which sometimes lead to a greater area of wetlands for one agency than another.  The staff of EAP, Inc. is familiar with the rules of each of these agencies, and can work with their staff to obtain the best wetland limit possible given the underlying rules defining the wetland limits. 


Typically the wetland line is established based on the appropriate rules by the staff of EAP, Inc., and then reviewed by the agency staff.  It has been our experience that this approach is generally more favorable to the property owner than having the agency staff establish the wetland line.  In a large project with several wetlands this can mean acres of additional developable property. 


Once the wetland line has been approved by the regulatory agencies we will coordinate with your surveyor to locate the line in the field and submit the resultant special purpose survey to the agency staff for written approval.  This can be done both formally and informally depending on the client’s needs.  Through our affiliate, George F. Young, Inc. we can provide survey services if desired.

Wetland Delineation

Text Box: Our experienced staff will establish your wetland jurisdictional line for agency review, which is generally more favorable to you than an agency established line.

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