In some cases it may be necessary to impact wetlands considered jurisdictional by the ACOE and/or the SWFWMD in order to maximize the development potential of a property.† As part of the permits authorizing wetland impacts, the regulatory agencies will generally require compensatory wetland mitigation.† EAP, Inc. can assist you by providing cost effective, constructible mitigation.† Properly designed wetland mitigation will lead to meeting agency criteria more quickly, thereby reducing the developerís ongoing expenses for maintenance and monitoring of the wetland mitigation site(s).


The staff of EAP, Inc. has been involved in the design of hundreds of acres of successful compensatory wetland mitigation.† These designs have included tidal wetland systems including mangrove forests, salt marsh, and sea grass beds; and freshwater wetland systems including emergent marsh, cypress swamp, and hardwood forest.† EAP, Inc. works with existing sources of hydration when possible to provide greater assurances of a successful project.†


When considering a design for a wetland mitigation area, EAP, Inc. looks for opportunities to incorporate the mitigation design into other features of the project.† Combining the wetland mitigation with a siteís surface water management system, or floodplain mitigation requirements, can often result in increased developable area.† In other situations the wetlands mitigation may be utilized as a landscape area or entry feature to enhance project marketability.† We are also in regular contact with firms offering mitigation banking services so that all acceptable options can be considered for your project.†††


Wetland mitigation design services include assessment of the proposed impact on existing wetland functions, assisting with justification of the impacts, negotiating an appropriate mitigation ratio with the agencies, providing a cost-effective monitoring and maintenance program, and preparing the design plans and specifications.† We also suggest an observation role during construction in order to be certain that any construction problems can be addressed before an expensive solution is required.

Wetland Mitigation

Text Box: We are in regular contact with firms offering mitigation banking services so all acceptable options can be considered for your project.

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