In today’s regulatory environment, nearly all development projects require some sort of environmental permitting.  The most common type of permitting is the Department of Environmental Resource Permit (DERP) issued by the Regional Water Management District or Florida Department of Environmental Regulation.  The DERP reviews wetland and wetland dependent protected species concerns, as well as the surface water management system proposed for a project. 


In those projects where wetland impacts are required, it will also be necessary to obtain a Dredge and Fill Permit from the Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE).  The specific type of permitting required by the ACOE will depend on the extent of the projected impacts.  Simpler projects may qualify for a Non-noticed Nationwide Permit, while more complex projects will require an Individual Permit from the ACOE, which includes review by the USFWS, NMFS, and possibly the EPA.  The type of permitting required through the ACOE will affect project costs and mitigation requirements.  Environmental Analysis and Permitting, Inc. can assist with obtaining these permits, including any mitigation design required.


If your project involves protected species, it may be necessary to obtain approval from the Florida Game and Fresh Water Fish Commission (FGFWFC) and/or USFWS prior to construction.  EAP, Inc. will provide the appropriate information to the reviewing agency to obtain these permits.  It may involve the preparation of a mitigation plan, management plan, and negotiating the permit conditions.  EAP, Inc. can assist with each of these tasks.


Other regulatory approvals, which may be required in order to construct your project, include authorization to utilize sovereign submerged land, coastal construction permits, or local Water and Navigation Authority permits.  EAP, Inc. has nearly twenty years of experience assisting clients with obtaining these types of approvals.

Environmental Permitting


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