The staff of EAP, Inc. has provided expert testimony for a variety of clients in a number of different venues.  These include Administrative Hearings under F.S. Chapter 120, Circuit Court and Federal Court.  These services are provided in support of permit activities, as the result of property owner lawsuits against third parties, and as part of the eminent domain process.


The staff of EAP, Inc. is qualified as experts in numerous areas including avian ecology, marine ecology, wetlands ecology, environmental permitting and other related fields.  Clientele have included private individuals, developers, and local government.  We will work closely with your counsel to develop an appropriate scope of expertise to assist you in achieving your goals.  In many cases these services can be effective in reaching a negotiated settlement without the need for costly litigation.

Expert Testimony

Text Box: The EAP staff is qualified as experts in many areas of ecology and environmental science.

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